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Blessed be chariot,

and bride of mine.


Always a dreamer, always.
" why do I begin these wonderful feelings with my contemplation with someone so far and so out of my reach? If only you were to see how special and different things, the combination of our togetherness could be- perhaps I could fall asleep again.. just with hopes, not with mine alone, that perhaps- maybe, we can change the world... "

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accents, ancient civilizations, aristocracy, atlantis, beach, beauty, black and white, bohemia, bookshops, bubbles, cafes, candles, canopied beds, canvas, chaos, chocolate, classical, clouds, coffee, communism, complicated words, controversial issues, creativity, cruelty, crying, curiosity, cursive, dancing, darkness, daydreams, death, depression, destiny, discovery, drawings, dreams, egypt, elegance, eloquence, emotions, enlightened heart, entangled thoughts, etiquette, europe, fairy tales, fantasy, fiction, food, foreign films, free thinkers, french, grammar, gypsies, happiness, hate, hurt, idealism, imagination, immortality, in love, infatuation, instrumental, intelligence, intrigue, italy, knowledge, laughing, learning, life, linguistics, literature, loneliness, lucky, lust, luxury, lyrics, magic, manners, meditation, melancholy, moonlight, moulin rouge!, muse, music, mystery, mysticism, mythology, night, novels, oasis, ocean, open mind, operas, pain of love, paintings, palm trees, passion, philosophy, photography, piercings, pillows, planets, power, poésie, question of god, quotes, rain, random acts of kindness, romantic glances, royalty, sadness, sarcasm, secrets, self-discovery, shadows, silence, simplicity, singing, sky, sleeping in, solitude, songs, spirituality, spontaneity, stars, starving artists, stories, suffering, sugar, sunsets, tea, the arts, the souls pain, theatre, thinking, torture, travel, tropical islands, uniqueness, violence, violins, wars, what dreams may come, whispering, white, wisdom, wishes, wit, wonder, world domination